Super Nintendo – the Best Games of the Super Nintendo – Part 1

Final Fantasy 2
Final Fantasy was the second game of the Final Fantasy series to hit the shores of the United States. Final Fantasy 2 is masterpiece of storytelling that the role playing game market had not yet seen at the time of its release. Final Fantasy 2 set the stage for what would be one of the greatest series of all time. Final Fantasy 2 has a great plot, interesting characters, and plenty of optional content to go hunt down. This game is the epitome of classic role playing games and should not be missed. It features a classic turn based combat system that allows the player to unleash powerful special attacks and magical spells as well as a character who has the ability to call forth powerful and beautiful summon spells as well. If you still own a Super Nintendo system I highly recommend picking this game up if you have not yet played it.

Super Mario Kart

Super Mario Kart is just plain fun, especially when you play with a second player. At its core, Super Mario Kart is just a simple racing game except for the fact that it takes place in the original and memorable Super Mario Brothers universe. All of your old favorite characters are there for you to race as or against. Also thrown into the mix are special power up items that each racer can collect as the race goes on and unleash them against their rivals to cause them some sort of setback so that they can gain an advantage in the race. The courses are excellently designed and all feature some sort of Mario theme.

Riddick Bowe Boxing

Everyone knows the greatness that was Super Punch Out and Mike Tyson’s Punch Out, they were instant classics. Riddick Bowe Boxing doesn’t try to mimic these great titles and ends up succeeding at creating an original and fun boxing game. Riddick Bowe Boxing is more realistic then Punch Out and its over the top characters. Players will create a new boxer that they can take from the bowels of the boxing world to the top of the championship ranks. After each fight the player will be able to train their boxer to become better at certain attributes by having them workout on different weightlifting machines. This is one of those games that may not sound awe-inspiring at first, but just give it a try and you will be hooked.

Street Fighter 2

Street Fighter 2 was one of the first console based fighting games. It featured over the top characters each with their own unique storyline as well as special fighting moves to match said storyline. Players would face off one on one against either another player or the computer in a fight for supremacy. The storyline really took a back seat and all this game really was about was which fighter you thought had the coolest moves, picking that character, and then pummeling some sorry Joe senseless. Whatever the case may be, the sheer violence and artistic beauty of Street Fighter 2 made it a fun and excellent game to play.

Disney’s Aladdin

While the Sega Genesis version was considered the superior version when it came to Disney’s Aladdin games, the Super Nintendo version was quite a bit of fun in its own right. The graphics were cartoony and exactly replicated those of the movie. The storyline followed suit for the most part as well with a few exceptions thrown in. Disney’s Aladdin for the Super Nintendo is a by the book plat former that had some excellent flying levels on the magic carpet as well but was an excellent video game rendition of one of the most popular movies of the time.

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