Spore PC Game Review

Spore is a different style game than most games. In the beginning stage of the game, called the cell stage, you are a microorganism. You spend your time swimming and eating in the primordial ooze from a top down view.
At the start of this stage what you can eat is based on your choice of herbivore or carnivore. The herbivore cannot kill anything until you have found parts to mutate with. The carnivore can kill and eat flesh right from the beginning. Using the mating call, you can change your creature. As you eat, whether it is animal or vegetable, you gain DNA points to spend on the available body parts. The body parts allow you to swim faster, turn quicker, defend yourself, or attack. All of these improve your species’ chance to survive. Once your creature has eaten enough, he move on to the creature stage.

Using the body parts you have collected, then adding legs and arms, you leave the sea. You can skip legs and arms and even eyes if you want a real challenge. All body parts give you a different ability. Some allow you to jump, others to attack, and some even allow you to fly. In this phase of the game, it is about survival. Here is where you define the basics of your species. What does it look like? How does it move? What does it eat? All of these things are defined in the creature stage. All of these things are important to survive this stage in Spore. Again, using the mating call allows you to spend the DNA earned to improve you creature. And you can kill or befriend other creatures. Once you have advanced enough in DNA, you are then sent on to the tribal stage. Beware sometimes there are giant species on this phase.

In the tribe stage you are no longer worried about DNA. Your species is now locked into the creature you created. To progress in the tribe stage in Spore, you need to conquer or befriend all other tribes. You also have to keep your tribe from starving. In this stage it is all about the accessories. If you have the better equipment, then the other tribes are easier to conquer or befriend. It is also easier to gather food, the better equipped you are. As if the other tribes and giant creatures roaming around were not enough trouble, sometimes a more advances alien species wanders by and abducts your fellow tribesman for some nefarious reason. After combining your tribes through conquest or sweet-talking, you move on to the civilization stage.

Civilization is the pinnacle of any species. Here your tribe has built a city. Now the dominant species on the planet, you must unify all the cities on the planet under one rule. Here you must gather spice, which acts as currency, to build your city and build troops in Spore. You no longer are an individual but the collective whole of the city. Troops conquer spice nodes and other cities and once you have conquered all, by any means available, the planet is yours. There are several different ways to take cities and each can be used or combined with others to take the planet. Once you have taken the planet it is time to move on to the space stage.

Space, the final, oh sorry wrong game. After building a space ship, it is time to explore. There are hundreds of solar systems with several planets on each. Moving around the map is as simple as point and click. You can explore the planets, finding items that allow you to alter the worlds’ look. You can also go on quests from several friendly species that are scattered throughout the Spore galaxy. Some of these are gathering quests, using your spaceship to grab things from other the planets. Some of them require going to war with another species. As you progress in the game, you will inevitably run across a darker menace that threatens everyone. What would a good space game be without a dark horde to fight against?This is a great game that has a huge variety of content. Add to it the online content which makes every game different. If you also get the add-on packs such as Creepy amp; Cute or Galactic Adventures, you will have even longer play time and more variety with this game.

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