Best Clash Royale Cards

New players have an idea of the cards in clash royale mod are considered the best so that you can know which cards to request from your clan. You will have several cards ready to be upgraded. By this, you will have the most use for as you move through the clash royale mod .

Best clash royale cards:

Baby dragon:

The baby dragon is the best cards in clash royale. The baby dragon is hard to kill and there are no other cards. It is the safe card to open the game with. It is cheap to play at only 4 elixirs and you can compare to the other cards that will splash damage to air. All of this makes the baby dragon the best card in the game.


Barbarians will be the great value and the card is used with every clash royale. This card is just a ton of value for only 5 elixirs. They just deal well with a large number of the dangerous troops from your opponent can send. You can use the barbarians to soak up damage while your tower takes you them out.

Clash Royale Mod

Spear Goblins:

Spear goblins will be in most decks and will give you the great value. When you place the spear goblins than their elixir cost and that are deal with both air and ground troops. This is also a great card to open with due to the low elixir cost.


It is one of the most powerful cards in the game. It can hide underground to avoid spell damage and it is low cost for 4 elixirs. Telsa is not a card and that will fit into the deck.

These are the best clash royale mod cards and there is no other card in the game with a high investment.

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